Staff Engagement is key to Business Success

MacLeod Review - Staff Engagement is key to Business Success

MacLeod Review - Staff Engagement is key to Business SuccessBusiness owners must fully involve staff in their organisation if they are to succeed and remain competitive, a new government-backed report into employee engagement has announced.

Commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the MacLeod Review (973k PDF) has called for a national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of an engaged workforce. Last year, research carried out by Gallup put the cost of disengaged workers to the UK economy at between £59bn and £64bn.

Key recommendations made by the MacLeod Review include more government support and improved cooperation by UK organisations to share best practice. Practical support for employers, such as coaching, will be made available from March next year.

David MacLeod, engagement expert and author of the report, said:

“This is about unleashing the potential of people at work and enabling them to be the best they can be.

Whether we are in a downturn or in better economic times, engagement is a key to innovation and competitiveness. Employers in all parts of the economy can make a success of employee engagement through culture change, rather than investing significant financial resources”

According to the report, SMEs often displayed the most innovative approaches to staff engagement, from one-to-one training with owner-managers to creating a close-knit community at work and making sure that every employee is fully involved in decision making.

Mike Emmett, adviser, employee relations at the CIPD, said the non-hierarchical structure of many SMEs was ideally suited to promoting engagement and motivation levels.

“The lack of an HR department or lots of management layers can actually be very beneficial. There is usually less bureaucracy for staff to deal with, and it’s easier to talk face to face with leaders rather than rely on written communication.

While there’s no ‘one size fits all’ tool for making sure staff are engaged, issues like tracking employee opinion and getting input from people are very important, even in small firms.”

MacLeod Review - Staff Engagement is key to Business Success

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