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Business Link standards guidance

Business Link standards guidanceSmall-business owners can easily check which industry standards apply to their business, following the launch of an interactive tool on the Business Link website.

The tool directs users to summaries of standards relevant to their business and contains details of 880 of the most viewed or purchased standards. The summaries cover national, international and European standards.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) spokeswoman, Aphrodite Koron, commented:

“Standardisation is hugely important in business as it instils confidence in users of a product, so that they are sure that the goods or service they receive will have been approved to an officially acceptable standard.

This is a terrific idea as it will help businesses understand what standards apply to them, in a simple and informative way.”

Standards can be used to improve an organisation’s ability to meet consumer, regulatory or a businesses’ own requirements. The majority operate to provide guidance only, but there are also a number of standards that help businesses adhere to legal requirements.

For further information visit the Business Link website for standards guidance. You can also download the British Standards Institute’s standards guide Good for Business.

Business Link standards guidance

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