Fill the Skills Gap in your Business

Webchat TV - Tony Manwaring

Webchat TV - Tony ManwaringWebTV Chat date: Wednesday 8th July

Chat time: 2.00pm

As the economic downturn forces many companies to let go of highly experienced and skilled members of staff, those left on the payroll are under increasing pressure to fill the void left by their former colleagues. With many businesses also reducing or completely cutting their training budgets – those employees taking on expanded job roles often do so with inadequate training.

This leaves a skills gap in many UK companies that could not only be detrimental to business prospects long term, but also leave staff ill-equipped and stressed in the short term. So how can business and HR mangers minimise the effects of this skills deficit? At what point should you invest in more training? And how can you marshal your precious budgets to your advantage?

In Wednesday’s interactive Web TV Show, business consultant Tony Manwaring will be advising on how to keep your business ahead of the game in today’s climate and beyond. As CEO of agenda-setting employment think tank Tomorrow’s Company – he’ll be discussing recruitment and training strategies to ensure all key roles are covered by the right skills to keep your team in optimum balance.

Joining Tony is Ben Taylor from Vodafone, who has authored a major new Vodafone Working Nation report exploring the trends that are currently shaping the United Kingdom at work. If you have any questions for Tony or Ben please e-mail them now via the box on the WebchatTV page and we’ll do our best to answer them during the show.

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