Retailer Steps in with Free CVs for Job Seekers

Retailer Steps in with Free CVs for Job Seekers

Retailer Steps in with Free CVs for Job SeekersAs the class of 2009 leaves formal education this month – an estimated 300,000 graduates and 400,000 school leavers – Staples is today launching a free CV service to help make the search for work a little easier.

The world’s largest office products company took the decision to provide free CVs after news that the UK’s jobless total had reached a 12-year high of 2.261 million, with the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds particularly worrying at 16.6%.

Staples Head of Marketing Yetunde Ige said:

“We don’t believe in sitting back and waiting for someone else to make a difference. We believe in going out there and doing it ourselves.

“It’s the toughest job market in recent history. People looking for work need all the help they can get and a fresh, professional CV is essential. Because we have a Copy & Print Centre in every one of our 137 stores we felt we were well placed to offer this facility.”

Staples has also teamed up with job placement experts, to offer hints and tips on how to make the most of the opportunities out there as well as ensuring that people make the most of their CV by reflecting their skills and experience in a positive and relevant way.

“There are job opportunities out there,”

said Tony Roy, Managing Director of

“The key is exploring how you can transfer your skills to new professions and then repackaging your CV to appeal to a broader range of employers…” offers advice such as:

  • Include keywords from the employer’s job posting in your CV and cover letter as many employers use screening tools to rank job applications
  • Highlight specific accomplishments in your CV to show how you put your skills into action. Quantify results whenever possible
  • Post different versions of your CV to appeal to different employers.
  • Network offline and online. Join various social networking sites to promote your abilities and connect with potential referrals. Thoroughly research employers, their competitors and industry trends
  • Consider adding to your skill set through taking a class or volunteering.

The Staples Free CV initiative is open to anyone who is currently looking for a new job. Staples can print from a USB or a disc or alternatively you can use the email and collect service. This simply involves emailing your CV to your local store and they will print it on the day you arrive to collect it. You can also pick up a free advice leaflet, with additional information from Careerbuilder.

To find your local Staples store go to and click on ‘Find a store’.

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