White Van Man Study Commissioned

White Van Man

White Van Man According to news over at the BBC there has been quite an increase, in the last few years, of "white van man".

Figures show that there are 3 million vans (light commercial vehicles or LCVs) on Britain’s roads and that those numbers indicate an increase of 40% over the last decade.

Seeing such an increase has prompted the Government to commision a study into "white van man" in order to understand the rapidly growing trend in the LCV sector.

Richard Turner of the Commission for Integrated Transport said there is a lack of understanding for the much-maligned white van man with motorists, pedestrians and the regulators themselves failing to understand what has been called a "complex area".

"The study will also plug some major gaps in our knowledge of this flexible business tool so that policymakers in both Westminster and Brussels can make informed decisions without harming the vital role that vans play in our economy."

"To complete this work we are seeking the cooperation of the whole sector – companies, manufacturers, operators, drivers and customers."

said Turner.

The study by the CfIT will look into a number of areas including the regulation of light commerical vehicles, the projected growth of the sector and the possible affects on the growth of the sector. Other factors to be studied will include Britain’s road networks and how "white van man" affects road safety and congestion.

The government also seems keen to monitor the impact that Britain’s white vans have upon environmental issues too with studies into CO2 levels to be announced.

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