File Expense Returns on Time or Face Fines

File Expense Returns on Time or Face Fines

Employers whose staff claim expenses and benefits must submit their P11D tax return by 6 July or face a late-filing penalty of £300, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has warned.

Anything other than pay that is provided to staff – including company cars, medical insurance and childcare vouchers – should be included on the P11D form as employers are liable to pay national insurance contributions on them. Employers that fill out P11D forms must also complete and submit a P11D (b) form including the total of all expenses.

Businesses will automatically receive their P11D forms from HMRC by 15 June. Those that filed their returns online last year will receive an email reminder. Forms can also be downloaded from the HMRC website or ordered from HMRC’s Employer Orderline.

“There is an A-Z on the HMRC website that will guide employers through what they should and shouldn’t include on their P11D,”

said HMRC spokesman, Jan Marszewski.

P11D forms must be submitted for each staff member or director who earns more than £8,500 per year. If a director earns less than £8,500 per year, the business owner must fill out a P9D form for them instead. Employees should also receive copies of their P11D by 6 July.

Although there is no financial incentive to file P11D forms online rather than by post, it may be easier to file them online as the electronic versions of the form will automatically complete the calculations for you.

To order P11D or P9D forms, call HMRC’s Employer Orderline on 08457 646 646

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