Sir Alan Sugar is the New “Enterprise Tsar”

Sir Alan Sugar

Sir Alan SugarAfter last week’s political turmoil resulting in a cabinet reshuffle Alistair Darling remains the Chancellor of the Exchequor and Peter Mandelson retains his post as Business Minister. The latest addition to the cabinet has been the most talked-about one in business circles and is the appointment of Sir Alan Sugar as "Enterprise Tsar".

In a report on the BBC yesterday, the Conservative party said that Sir Alan’s role was "completely incompatible" with BBC rules. Jeremy Hunt, the shadow minister of culture said of the matter;

"Presenting a programme for the BBC and working for the government on the same issue is totally incompatible with the BBC’s rules on political independence and impartiality.

"Sir Alan Sugar needs to make a choice between his role in The Apprentice and his role as the government’s business tsar."

Sir Alan had spoken to the BBC regarding the situation, adding;

"It’s very simple – all I am is an adviser, I’m not a policymaker."

Sir Alan is understood to have made it "perfectly clear" to Gordon Brown that he would not allow the matter to jeopardise his role at the BBC where he fronts the highly successful show The Apprentice.

Questioned as to whether the move was a publicity stunt, Sir Alan added:

"It’s a shame it looks like that but I’m sure that… you know I’m not the type of person to be used.

"I have a passion and commitment to try and help small businesses and enterprise to see if we can get things moving again."

"As far as I’m concerned, this is politically neutral. All I want to do is to try and help businesses and enterprise."

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