Sir Alan Sugar picks New Apprentice

Yasmina Siadat, Sir Alan Sugar's new Apprentice

Yasmina Siadat, Sir Alan Sugar's new ApprenticeOn Friday Sir Alan sugar was appointed as the Government’s new "Enterprise Tsar". On Sunday night Sir Alan picked his latest sidekick from The Apprentice.

Almost a year ago Sir Alan chose Lee McQueen who was infamously remembered for lying very badly on his CV in the challenging "interview" episode of the BBC show.

This year’s winner is Yasmina Siadat – the one who, again in the tough interview stage of the competition, didn’t know the difference between the gross and net profit of her own business.

Battling it out with the other finalist, Kate Walsh, Yasmina won the last task of creating a new brand of chocolates. Despite making strange flavours of her Cocoa Electric brand with the cheapest chocoloate, a one-off novelty factor and a cheesey ad the striking branding and packaging, the price (£6 a box) and her overall results in the 12 week long show won her the place as Sir Alan Sugar’s new Apprentice.

Kate Walsh’s Chocolate D’Amor was a much classier affair, focusing on the notion that couples should be sharing chocolates, but with her high price (£13 a box) and not a lot else to go wrong she was pipped to the post by Yasmina.

Speaking on her win, Yasmina said;

"I can’t believe it, I am in shock. All those months ago you first apply to try to get on, and here I am, it’s amazing."

"I don’t feel like I’ve beaten Kate because I feel we both deserved that job, and we feel we just had different qualities and Sir Alan needed my qualities over hers."

"I don’t think mine were any better than hers, I just think that’s the kind of guy Sir Alan is, and I’m sure Kate will do just as well as I do but on a different path."

Now on a salary of £100,000 a year in one of Sir Alan’s companies (an outdoor advertising digital signage project) and being the most famous apprentice in the country, Yasmina Siadat is a worthy winner and we’re sure Kate Walsh will be every bit successful too.

There are only 40 weeks to wait until the next series. What will we do until then? Strawberry & Basil chocolate, anybody?

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