Take on staff and watch your business grow

Take on staff and watch your business grow


Take on staff and watch your business growHM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has released a short online video which gives a jargon-free overview of some vital tax issues relating to employing staff. This bite-sized video presented by Dan Snow includes a testimonial from owners of a small gardening business in Devon who discuss the tax issues they encountered when taking on their five employees.

So if you’re thinking of growing your business and taking on employees, just watch this video to get a head start on the tax implications.

Employing Other People is part of a series of 10 videos which give easy-to-follow overviews on a range of common tax issues, so why not cultivate your business knowledge by watching a few more?

They’re all available online now. Simply visit businesslink.gov.uk/taxhelp, go to the bite-size video section and scroll down the list until you find the one you’re after.

And don’t forget, a few key deadlines are coming up in May if you already employ people. Submission of P14 and P35 for year to 5 April 2009 is due 19 May. The deadline for giving each employee a P60 is 31 May. For information on other key deadlines please refer to the Tax Deadline Calendar.

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