Huge Staff demand for Sustainable Travel

Huge Staff demand for Sustainable Travel

Huge Staff demand for Sustainable Travel Six in ten employees would happily use car-sharing, cycle schemes and flexible working if their employer offered them, according to a survey by the National Business Travel Network.

Some 63% of 2,000 employees surveyed said they supported ‘sustainable’ travel plans that reduce unnecessary, costly and environmentally-damaging travel related to their work.

Yet, according to the NBTN, just 6% of employers have a travel plan, despite their findings suggesting that it can save money, reduce travel time and even increase employee loyalty.

The survey found, for example, that 18% of employees would be willing to share a car journey to and from work and 28% said flexible working that enabled them to work from home or travel outside rush hour would increase their loyalty to their employer. 24% said flexible working would improve their productivity.

"The message is clear, flexible work styles and sustainable travel plans are good for the environment, good for business and good for employee well-being," said NBTN programme director Heather McInroy.

"Small firms should carry out a travel survey to find out what would make a difference to staff journeys," she added. "Promoting public transport at work and using car clubs for company vehicles are all cost-effective ways to bring in more sustainable travel."

British Chamber of Commerce senior policy adviser, Gareth Elliott, added that travel plans could also help firms save money in the downturn.

"Having a travel plan can mean less time spent caught in traffic and more time with clients, which is very important during a recession when new customers are key," he said. "They are an excellent way of saving on costs and improving your cashflow.Having one helps attract and retain the best staff, they reduce your carbon footprint, and they can boost employee productivity," he added.

For further information and advice about sustainable travel and work travel plans, visit the NBTN website.

Huge Staff demand for Sustainable Travel

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