BCC hosts better regulation briefings

BCC hosts better regulation briefings


The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is working with the Local Better Regulation Office to raise awareness of the better regulation agenda through a series of business briefings around the country. Taking place in each of the main UK regions, the sessions have been designed to highlight the different perspectives of regulation and to create a closer working relationship between businesses and local authority regulatory services.

Businesses will be given the opportunity to hear about the support and advice that is provided by regulatory services departments. In addition, they will be shown how a close working relationship with their regulatory services department may save them money and help them to achieve compliance.

The events will also encourage a two-way dialogue to ensure that the Local Better Regulation Office and local regulators will have the opportunity to find out more about the issues faced by business and the benefits and impact of regulatory compliance on businesses in the current economic climate.

John Dunsmure, Managing Director of BCC, commented;

“For many employers, the process of complying with unnecessary regulation not only imposes costs but can divert resources away from core productive business activities. This is less than ideal in a period of economic buoyancy but potentially disastrous in today’s climate. These briefings are a crucial way to discover ways to reduce that red tape burden and for businesses to get their views and issues heard. I would encourage every business to attend.”

The event is free and open to the business community, local authorities and other organisations in the area which offer business advice and support.

Those that attend will:

  • Hear from the regulators about the support and advice provided by the Regulatory Services Department.
  • Learn how a close working relationship with the Local Regulatory Services Department can save money and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Learn about the different aspects of regulation and why it’s there.
  • Gain clear understanding of the work the Local Better Regulation Office is doing to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses.

There will also be a question and answer and networking session, which will allow businesses to ask questions of the experts, engage with other businesses and further enhance their understanding of the subject.

Clive Grace, Chair, Local Better Regulation Office, commented;

“Trading conditions are the toughest in recent memory. Now is the time to get rid of unnecessary regulatory burdens and help business sustain jobs. Good regulation is essential for business success and for consumers alike, providing both effective protections and level competition. We need to focus on achieving that ‘win-win’, and these briefings will serve that goal.”

The events will take place between May and December 2009. For further information please see the timetable at the BCC/LBRO website.

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