Bosses demand email responses with 10 minutes

Bosses demand email responses with 10 minutes


Bosses demand email responses with 10 minutesShow date: 16th April

Show time: 2pm

Whilst many might question the long-term benefits of having to ‘tweet’ every five minutes, the necessity of utilising technology and making your business mobile can no longer be dismissed.

The last 12 months has witnessed an increased demand for near-immediate replies to emails and ready access to suppliers at all times. Many bosses say that if they don’t get a reply within ten minutes they will, quite simply, take their business elsewhere.

The latest results of the annual Critical Response Time Index, by Vodafone reveals that for business leaders speed is of the essence when choosing a new business supplier. Whilst old relationships may have counted for something in the past, suppliers can no longer afford to rest on their laurels. Ultimately if a new supplier can respond faster than an existing relationship, they have a good chance of taking the business away from them.

So how quickly and in which way do you need to respond to a client’s enquiries to guarantee satisfaction and continued business? What now constitutes an acceptable level of customer service? How can you ensure that you never lose a potential opportunity to a competitor? And how can you save money on business costs without compromising the efficiency of the business itself? For high-level, expert answers to all these crucial questions and more, just log in to the show.

Sally Fenwick, Head of Small Business at Vodafone and Business Psychologist, Sue Firth will also be answering your personal questions live online, so don’t waste time – send yours in now.

Sally and Sue join us live online on 16th April at 2pm to discuss how maximising response times to clients can support the future of businesses competing in the downturn.

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