How to influence Government

How to influence Government

Small Businesses that work closely with government may be interested in the training courses from the Government Exchange training programme. Government Exchange is the training division of the Centre for Parliamentary Studies.

Centre for Parliamentary Studies are accredited suppliers for Learning & Development and eLearning Solutions Framework Agreement.

The seven courses are of particular relevance to organisations that need to learn how to interact with Government effectively, influence Government policy and legislation and communicate with the key players.

  1. How to Influence Whitehall and Westminster – 28 Apr
    Learn how to access the people that have power and influence, and communicate effectively with them
  2. How to Influence the European Union – 21 May
    Learn how to identify the key players in the EU and develop an effective communication strategy for each major EU Institution
  3. The Work of Government – 19 May
    A detailed analysis of the machinery of Government, how Government Departments are structured, the role of Ministers and Civil Servants, and who the key players are in Government
  4. The Work of Parliament – 20 May
    An overview of how Parliament works, including PQs, Select Committees, Legislation and Debates
  5. An Introduction to Legislation – 9 Jul
    A comprehensive look at the legislative process, including the stages of a Bill, and how to interact with both the process and its key players effectively
  6. An Introduction to the European Union – 7 Jul
    An overview of the EU’s key institutions, EU legislation and its implementation in the UK, and how the UK Parliament scrutinises the EU
  7. Origins of Policy and How Decisions are Made – 30 Jun
    An analysis of where policy comes from, how it is made and the key players in the process, including No 10, the media, pressure groups and Local Government

The courses are CPD, Bar Council and Law Society accredited.

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