Guidance on Frontline Management

Guidance on Frontline Management


Guidance on Frontline ManagementAcas, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, has published a new guide to help businesses get the best out of their front line managers, such as supervisors and project leaders. 
The free Front Line Managers guide is available to download on the Acas website, and gives an overview of the problems managers can face, and how employers can help them become more effective. Issues such as recruitment, training and the importance of a balanced workload are all covered in the guide.

“With the current downturn affecting the UK workplace, there has never been a stronger need for leadership and supporting employee needs,” said Acas head of good practice services, Gill Trevelyan.

“The new guide from Acas is a vital tool when dealing with concerns and helping managers adapt their current role,” she added. “This includes the growing need for welfare management in the workplace.”

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