Envirowise launch eco-friendly packaging tool

Envirowise launch eco-friendly packaging tool


Envirowise has launched a new online tool to help businesses reduce the cost and environmental impact of their packaging.

The free tool, PACK-IN, allows firms to build an environmental profile of their current packaging designs and to identify where improvements and savings can be made. Results take into account a number of variables, including efficiency, recyclability and transport.

To use the tool, businesses are required to register with the Envirowise website which also offers a range of interactive guides, case studies and advice on environmental efficiency.

A podcast, which takes businesses through the process of using the packaging tool, is also available.

“Packaging has been challenged on environmental grounds for a number of years and the industry has responded, not only by putting significant resources into recycling schemes, but also by continuing to reduce the use of resources in packaging,” said Envirowise eco-design specialist Jenni Rosser.

“However, there is always room for improvement and, particularly in today’s economic climate, businesses stand to benefit not only in environmental terms but also by looking financially at how they can reduce unnecessary packaging,” she added.

To access the packaging tool, visit the Envirowise website www.envirowise.gov.uk/pack-in

To access the podcast, visit www.envirowise.gov.uk/uk/Topics-and-Issues/Packaging/Packaging-tool-podcast.html

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