Intellectual Property Healthcheck Tool

Intellectual Property Healthcheck Tool

Small Business News – 3rd March 2009

Intellectual Property Healthcheck ToolOnline tool helps firms protect and exploit IP

Small firms can find out how to identify, protect and exploit their intellectual property (IP) following the launch of a free online tool from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

The IP Healthcheck enables users to learn about the different types of IP, including trade marks, copyright works, patents, designs, design rights and confidential information. Businesses can use the interactive tool to help identify what IP they have, find out how to protect it and what they can do to earn money from it.

Users must answer some basic questions on the relevant IP topic and will receive a tailored, confidential report with a recommended action plan and links to other useful information and resources.

“Especially in the current climate, it’s vital for businesses to realise that IP can be one of their most valuable assets, demonstrably improving their competitive performance and acting as a measure of innovation and creativity,” said IPO head of business outreach and education, Lawrence Smith-Higgins.

“The launch of the IP Healthcheck will help business owners and innovators understand the processes involved in protecting their ideas and converting them into tangible business assets,” he added.

For more information and to carry out an IP Healthcheck on your business, visit the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) website

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