Offices force UK workers to leave the environment at home

Green Office Week

Small Business News – 20th February 2009

Green Office WeekNew research has revealed that UK offices are holding back their workers from being environmentally friendly. A YouGov research poll has exposed that, despite office workers being keen to make a positive difference when it comes to the environment, they are being held back by a lack of empowerment and facilities. Key facts emerging from the research include:

  • 3 out of 4 of us think that we are leaving our green efforts at home DESPITE 79% of UK office workers believing that being environmentally responsible at work has a big impact on the environment.
  • 92% of office workers believe that it is important for UK companies to be environmentally responsible BUT only 51% of us say our company has a green policy in place AND only 54% think their company does enough towards the environment.
  • 48% of us don’t have the right office equipment to be environmentally friendly AND 45% say we lack the power to do anything about it.

In response to the findings, office expert Avery® is mobilising the UK’s office workforce by launching the first ever Green Office Week, 2nd-6th March 2009. Designed to empower workers to be able to make a positive impact on the environment while in the office, the event will unite offices up and down the country in an effort to change the way we work. To see how you can make a difference, log on to

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