Find Contract Opportunities with iTriggers

Find Contract Opportunities with iTriggers

Find Contract Opportunities with iTriggersSmall firms seeking contract opportunities in the building sector can search for upcoming work in their region, following the launch of

The iTriggers website contains contact details for more than 200,000 UK construction projects. It enables businesses to directly contact developers, estate agents and home owners and offer their services.

Businesses can register on the website for free, but are then required to pay £2.50 for each lead they want to access. However, the first five ‘triggers’ – or leads to contracts – are free.

"iTriggers is a real boon during the credit crunch,"

said iTriggers director Jerry Gosney.

"Most firms are anxiously looking for work and most building work begins with a planning application, but it’s currently quite hard to find out about what opportunities are available and where they are. Our website contains details of construction projects that have submitted planning applications.

"It could be a property developer building an office or an individual having a house extension," he added. "The website shows their contact details and it’s then up to the business to contact that person and offer their products or services."

According to Gosney, businesses can also use the website to approach building planners and offer goods and services such as lighting installation, air conditioning units or white goods such as washing machines.

"As the projects are detected at the planning stage, the developers are often still looking to invest in different aspects of the buildings," he said. "This is the first time that all planning applications projects, from the very big to the very small, have been gathered together in such an easily searchable database."

For more information about the website and to register for contract leads, visit

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