Free Search Engine Guide helps improve online visibility


Small firms can access advice on improving their online visibility by downloading a free guide to search engine optimisation (SEO) from business networking website Ecademy.


The online guide offers advice on choosing attractive keywords, using meta–tags, and understanding the importance of writing web content for readers rather than search engines. Business owners are required to sign up to the Ecademy website to access the guide. Ecademy founder Penny Power said:

“Our free guide helps all members to navigate the world of SEO easily and make immediate improvements to their online visibility. Put simply, SEO gives you the best possible chance of being found when people search on Google or other search engines”.

The guide aims to help business owners optimise their web content so it is easily found online. For example, writing a business profile for networking websites in a certain way will communicate the relevant information to search engines.

To register and download the free SEO guide, visit the Ecademy website

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