Businesses are Failing to be Water Efficient

Water Efficiency

More than half of businesses are missing out on cost savings by failing to be water efficient, according to the Environment Agency.

Water Efficiency

According to the survey of 1,000 UK business owners, 53% of firms could make substantial savings on their annual water bills if they were to improve their water efficiency.

While some businesses are charged on a meter for the amount of water they use, others are supplied under an agreement where they pay a fixed rate for the water they use, up to a certain level of consumption.

According to Envirowise, UK business could save £9 million a day just by making small changes to reduce usage such as fixing leaks or fitting save–a–flush devices in toilets. An individual firm which is charged on a meter could reduce their water bill by £900 a year just by fixing a constantly leaking tap.

The Environment Agency’s head of water resources, Ian Barker, said it was particularly important for businesses to think about efficiency in the current economic climate.

“While we appreciate the strains that business finances are under, the majority of efficiency measures actually reduce costs by reducing water and energy use,” he said.

The Environment Agency offered business the following advice on reducing water use:

  • Always monitor your water usage. Compare water use each year so you can identify any unusual patterns.
  • Train employees to use water efficiently.
  • When purchasing new equipment, take water efficiency into account. It may be more expensive to buy water–efficient equipment, but it will have a short payback period due to the water savings achieved.

To promote best practice, the Environment Agency has launched the 2009 Water Efficiency Awards, which recognise businesses leading the way in efficient water usage.

Visit the website for more information about the Water Efficiency Awards.

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