Is your Business prepared to Weather the Storm?

Can Your Business Weather The Storm?

Businesses across England are being urged to review their fitness to ride out the economic slowdown, by taking advantage of Business Link’s free–of–charge, interactive Business Health Check tool at

Can Your Business Weather The Storm?

If you identify and tackle any problems early, you will markedly increase the chances of your business surviving and being a success. The Health Check offers an impartial, objective assessment of business performance, identifying key strengths, spotting potential problems and highlighting business opportunities. This is available for any company, regardless of size or sector.

Once completed, businesses have the additional opportunity to make an appointment with a Business Link adviser for help in reviewing and prioritising the recommended actions to be taken.

Among the many benefits are:

  • Developing a financial strategy to maximise cash flow
  • Identifying opportunities and effective tactics to boost sales
  • Building resilience to lead the business through the changing economic and market climate
  • Creating a clear action plan to achieve your business goals

A Business Link customer who has made the most of the Health Checks is Tanya Rostron of water cooler supplier, Water at Work (Midlands) Ltd. She says:

“With the current situation it is now even more important to use the support available from Business Link. In order for businesses to trade through the market they need to take stock of their current markets and products and look for opportunities. In this regard I recently used the Business Link Health Check which offers a swot analysis to support business development plans. My advice to any business or would–be entrepreneur is go to Business Link, it works.”

Ganesh Selvarajah, from Business Link, who has extensive experience of working with senior Directors in an array of businesses explained:

“Smart businesses review their performance regularly to look for early signs of any issues that will affect their profitability. The Health Checks are a really effective way of doing this. Clients find that they give them an excellent overview of the strengths they need to build on as well as identifying potential problems, such as a cash flow.”

Go to Business Link now for a free Health Check and find out how else the service can help your business succeed. Visit the website or call 0845 600 9 006 to make an appointment with a local Business Link adviser.

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