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Martha Lane Fox

Small Business News – 19th January 2009

Martha Lane Fox A rare opportunity to learn how to inspire, motivate and protect your staff

Chat date: 22nd January
Chat time: 1pm

In this episode of presenter Sean Walsh turns his attention to what is commonly regarded as a company’s No.1 asset – its people. With an economic backdrop of rising unemployment and headline-grabbing company layoffs, it’s a crucial time for businesses to retain, inspire and motive their key staff

Making a rare studio appearance, co-founder Martha Lane Fox will be sharing her tips and advice on best practice management skills and motivation techniques. Alongside Martha, will be Siân Harrington, editor of Human Resources (HR) magazine since the end of 2006 and a regular commentator on HR and for radio, TV and the national press.

As well discussing how small businesses can inspire and motivate their staff Martha and Siân will also be looking at important changes in HR and Employment legislation.

Join Sean and Martha live online at on Thursday, 22nd January at 1pm to discuss how to protect, motivate and inspire your staff and feel free to submit questions before the chat.

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