Firms warned to get licensed for Christmas TV

Television License

The Forum of Private Business (FPB) has warned business owners to ensure they have a TV licence if they allow staff to watch television on the premises during the festive season, even if they are watching it on their computer.

Television License

The TV Licensing authority has warned it will be visiting unlicensed premises between Christmas and New Year. If employees are found to be watching TV without a licence, the business owner risks prosecution and a £1,000 fine.

Businesses are required to have a TV licence for any equipment on which live programmes are watched or recorded, including computers and mobile phones as well as TV sets, digital boxes, and DVD or video recorders.

However, computer users only need a licence if the viewer watches programmes at the same time they are being broadcast on television.

A colour TV licence currently costs £139.50, while a black and white licence costs £47. Businesses only require one licence to cover all staff members at a single site. FPB spokesman Phil McCabe said:

“Bosses have a responsibility to ensure that their organisations are correctly licensed. Buying a licence is straightforward and can be done in minutes — if you have any questions, TV Licensing’s business team can help.”

TV Licensing spokeswoman Joanna Pearce emphasised that business owners need to be aware of the rules to avoid being fined. TV Licensing spokesperson Joanna Pearce said:

“Bosses should be extra vigilant this year as staff could be watching live TV, even if there isn’t a TV set on the premises. We want to ensure that all businesses understand the rules so they don’t risk getting caught out and fined.”

For more information about TV licensing, visit the website or call 0844 800 6732

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