First European small business week planned

The first ever European SME Week will be held next year to highlight the business support that is available to entrepreneurs in Europe.

European SME Week 2009

Organised by the European Commission, European SME Week will run from 6–14 May 2009, and include a range of events in participating countries.

Activities will range from conferences, trade fairs and workshops to competitions, art performances and networking sessions, all aimed at encouraging small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each event will focus on specific topics relevant to small firms, such as innovation, funding opportunities, tax, legal issues and business strategy. European Commission enterprise and industry deputy director–general, Françoise Le Bail said.

“SME week is all about putting entrepreneurship in the spotlight,”

“Essentially the week’s purpose is to promote entrepreneurship, while at the same time informing new and existing entrepreneurs about the wide variety of business support mechanisms available.”

Businesses in the UK are being invited to get involved, either by taking part in an organised event or by organising their own. Participating small businesses will receive branding and communication material to promote their SME Week event.

For more information about European SME week, visit the European Commission website

To find out more about the events that will occur during the week in the UK, contact Mike Paice at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) at

First European Small Business Week Planned

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