Free Parental Legislation Guide for Employers

Business Link has launched a free guide to help businesses understand their obligations when managing staff with children.

Working Parents

The online guide offers practical guidance for employers on maternity, paternity and adoption leave and pay, and is endorsed by business groups and trade unions.

Employers can also download information on their rights and responsibilities when managing staff who are new or expectant parents.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) said that smaller firms often find it difficult to carry out administration for employees going on parental leave, and therefore need guidance. FSB employment chairman Alan Tyrell said:

“Small business owners encounter a maternity issue on average every four years, and so it is vital that there is clear, reliable advice that is easily accessible to small-business owners.”

Citizens Advice welcomed the guide, highlighting the challenge businesses have when balancing commercial objectives with employees’ family responsibilities. Citizens Advice specialist support head of equality and employment rights Ian Moss said:

“Trying to find ways of working that match employees’ family commitments with business needs can seem time consuming. This parental guidance is an excellent resource that allows employers to better understand their responsibilities to their employees in these areas.”

For more information on working parents and your rights, read our Rights For Working Parents and Carers or Maternity Pay article

Rights For Working Parents and Carers

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