Networking at the Xmas Party

Networking at the Xmas PartyIf you get your Business Networking wrong this Christmas you may end up Not working.

For those small firms still lucky enough to have one, the Christmas party season is about to kick off and for many it is a chance to let their hair down, have a bit of fun and forget the doom & gloom. It is also a once-a-year opportunity to get facetime with the boss – but what do employees do when that five minutes comes along? Do they crack a joke or ask for a pay rise?

A new survey reveals employees are four times more likely to make fools of themselves than to try and make an impression on the boss, according to the Orange report How to impress the boss without being boring or making fools of ourselves.

Nicolas King, author of Networking: Work Your Contacts to Supercharge Your Career, said:

"I think people have fairly realistic expectations about the Christmas party, as the survey shows. It is a chance to show everyone you meet that you can talk their language and that you can see what’s good for the business. But it’s a bit sad that most of the preparation seems to go into working out how to keep your head down and avoid boredom or embarrassing situations. The trick is not to try too hard, but when a chance presents itself, make sure you are prepared to take it. As usual, it isn’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it."

And these are the senior people who are also deciding whether or not to keep employees if the downturn gets any worse and how much of a pay rise they may or may not be getting. That doesn’t mean nagging for a pay rise, nor does it mean boring them to death with how great you’ve been this year. It does mean leaving the impression that they’re a smart, fun and valuable member of the business who knows how to network.

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