Laughter: The Best Office Medicine

Great Places To Work

Picture the scene: you’re sat in front of your computer, with a mountain of work to do when it suddenly crashes. Just as your blood pressure reaches boiling point the office joker pipes up and the banter starts flowing, and suddenly you realise that it’s not such a bad place to work after all. The old adage, laughter is the best medicine, rings true.

Great Places To Work

If that sounds familiar, you won’t be surprised to discover that the level of banter at work can have a direct impact on your job satisfaction. A new survey from People 1st reveals plumbers and electricians enjoy the best banter – with a whopping 80% saying they enjoy a laugh at work. At the other end of the spectrum, only 36% of engineers and telecoms employees participate in a workplace giggle.

And how about the freedom to have the radio tuned to your favourite station? With only half of us feeling stimulated by our current job, having some background music can help dissolve workplace tension and stimulate the mind; and you know the saying: a happy worker is a productive worker!

Also, just how important is it to feel you can let fly with a few choice swear words when you need to? Gordon Ramsey has led the way in making bad language mainstream, and it seems bosses across the board have followed suit. So which industries’ bosses are the worst offenders? Unsurprisingly those in sales, legal and recruitment are top of the pile when it comes to having potty mouths!

But far more important than any of that is how friendly your workplace is, and top of that particular pile are the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries.

Top life coach Pete Cohen agrees that while salary and career progression are certainly important factors, a good atmosphere can play a crucial role in how stimulating you find your working environment. He says

“Several crucial factors combine to stimulate people in the workplace. As well as motivating staff by giving them extra responsibility and providing access to skills training, employers should ensure the workplace is an enjoyable, fun and friendly place. Our study shows that office banter and a good social life help increase the level of happiness at work. The launch of the Great Places 2 Work campaign provides a fresh opportunity for those looking for an exciting career change.”

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