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Young People

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s workers. They fear technology will strip the human element from working life. Are they right? Our webchat has the answers

Young People

Chat date: 3rd December 2008
Chat time: 16.00 GMT

Why do you go to work? Is it for the money, the career development or is it because you love seeing you colleagues and the buzz of the office? According to this year’s edition of the Vodafone Working Nation report, for the young generation that–s set to become tomorrow’s office workers, it’s very much a case of the latter. However, they also worry that new tech and new working practices will force them to miss out on the things they consider important about work and are looking forward to: making friends, learning from colleagues and enjoying their jobs.

85% of 16 – 20 year olds believe that hierarchy is vital to create order and worry that working from home alone would leave them bored with no interaction with colleagues, the part of work they find most attractive.

To discuss the importance of community at work, we are joined by David Cumberbatch, business psychologist. As technology enables more flexible working styles, there is increasingly less of a requirement for a physical office but does that mean less personal interaction? In this special webchat, David Cumberbatch will be examining the vital ingredients that will constitute ‘the office’ for tomorrow’s workers while discussing too how we can celebrate & nurture community in the office in the current financial climate.

So log on to the chat for a reassuring assessment of today’s workplace and a positive glimpse at its future.

David Cumberbatch, business psychologist from Xancam joins us live online at www.webchats.tv on Thursday 27th November at 16.00 GMT to discuss how technology will affect the future working lives of today’s young generation.

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