Online advertising key to boosting sales

Online advertising key to boosting sales

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has urged more small firms to use online advertising to boost their sales during the recession.

Their research showed that almost half of small firms with a significant increase in turnover since 2006 have advertised online.

The survey highlighted that of those firms that increased their turnover by a fifth in the last two years, 43% had advertised online. However, of those whose turnover only increased by 5 to 10%, just 27% did. FSB national policy chairman John Walker said:

“Despite the onset of an economic downturn, all small firms should look to the internet to maximise their sales and increase efficiency”

FSB head of parliamentary affairs Stephen Alambritis added:

“If businesses are worried about the expense, they should be aware that the cost of going online as a business is decreasing. It’s important for businesses to have an online presence, to reflect the trend towards online purchasing.”

The research also showed that 70% of small businesses now have their own website, an increase of 25% from 2006.

Matt Palmer, director of the website development consultancy Palmedia, said that to get the most out of online advertising businesses should monitor the returns their advertising generates and keep their website up to date.

“The returns of advertising online vary depending on the business. If they’re a corner shop perhaps they only need a listing on a community website, but if they’re an accountant or are providing a particular service or product, creating a website can have significant benefits. The vast majority of businesses advertising online will exceed the sales increase shown by this survey, if they monitor their returns and adapt their strategy to reflect changes in technology”

“Businesses need to remember the internet is a part of life for their customers. Business–to–consumer firms that are looking at advertising something online for this Christmas need to be very quick, as people are already doing their Christmas shopping.” he added.

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