Firms Fail to measure Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Firms are missing out on critical feedback on their products and services, because they are failing to monitor customer satisfaction effectively, according to market research firm Shape the Future.

Customer Satisfaction

The research revealed that while 70% of businesses monitor their customers’ satisfaction, 56% of these are only using basic and informal techniques.

The remaining 30% of businesses do not measure customer satisfaction at all as they believe customers would approach them if there were problems, or they are too busy. Shape the Future managing director Peter Martin said;

“Businesses think that customers will come back to them with problems, but in reality they will just walk down the high street to the nearest competitor. The only time you get unsolicited feedback is when people either love you or hate you, so it’s not a representative sample.

“It’s critical to have a feedback policy, or you won’t know if you’re getting anything wrong,” he added.

Edwina Hughes, founder of business consultancy Eddy & Co Ltd, advised that businesses set up a survey with open questions to get maximum information from their customers.

“Some businesses give out surveys where you have to tick a box if you think the service is good, and tick another if it’s bad. However, to get the most useful information, a business should be asking open questions such as ‘what aspects of our service are particularly important to you, and what aspects could be better?”. It”s about getting a conversation going and making sure that is ongoing.”

“People appreciate having their opinions solicited, as it makes them feel valued,” added Hughes.

“If you are a small business, 50% of your turnover might be with one client, and if you annoy that client you will be in trouble. You need to make sure you are constantly meeting, and hopefully exceeding, their expectations by communicating with them.”

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