Company name and trade-mark checker launched


Business Link has launched a free online tool for entrepreneurs to check whether their company name or trade mark is already in use.


Launched on the government’s small business support website,, the ‘Company name and trade mark checker’ tool is directly linked to the Companies House database and checks the index of names of all live UK companies, as well as those dissolved in the last 12 months. The search tool also simultaneously checks the name against the UK Intellectual Property Office trade marks database.

Users of the tool type a name into the search box and the results show them whether it is already registered, as well as listing similarly named companies. A spokesperson for Companies House and the UK Intellectual Property Office said:

“If you’re launching a new company or expanding a business where the name is important, this tool will allow you to check company names and trade marks at the same time, helping you to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes,”

For information on how to change your company’s name, visit the Companies House website

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