Help is at hand for SMEs

Help is at hand for SMEs

Help is at hand for SMEsSmall businesses are the backbone of Britain’s economy but these tough times mean a bumpy ride for many. For start-ups, the climate can appear especially daunting. Fortunately there is a wealth of business advice, information and help available for SMEs that need assistance in areas ranging from finance to business networking, from telecoms to training. By logging on to the webchat with Karen Hanton, one of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs, you can find out how to locate it, how to make the most of it, and how to make big savings for your business.

Named as one of today’s top 30 entrepreneurs and the founder of Toptable Restaurants, Karen understands the problems that today’s small businesses face, and will be on hand with expert advice. Karen will coach start-ups and existing enterprises who want to cut costs and maximise networking opportunities such as seeking assistance from Small Business Gateway, friends, businesses in their sector and the government.

In the show she will also address queries small business owners have about identifying and minimising unexpected costs for start-ups. As well as that, she will tell you about a business loyalty scheme that’s already attracted more than 500,000 businesses and could save yours a significant amount of money. Log on to the chat to find out more.

Entrepreneur Karen Hanton joins us live online to discuss help and advice for small businesses and start-ups, and the Nectar Business scheme.

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