Flexible Working Delays?

Flexible Working

Flexible WorkingThe government is apparently considering a delay to the planned expansion to flexible working laws in order to help struggling small businesses.

After an independent review on flexible working in November 2007 the government had decided to extend the law on flexible working to be extended to cover parents of children up to the age of 16.

However, worsening economic conditions and news that the UK may already be in recession, coupled with slow growth targets may have prompted a rethink on the introduction of the rights to extend these flexible working laws.

This reflects the concerns of nearly half of small businesses who believed, in a recent survey, that having more staff work flexibly could be disruptive to their commercial operations. The cost to employers and the increase in red tape and paperwork is of concern to small business owners and it seems that the considered delay in the introduction of the extended proposals reflects this.

Tory leader David Cameron has also suggested that small firms get a 1p cut in National Insurance for 6 months to help them in uncertain times.

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