New Guide to Sustainable Supply Chains


Sustainable business organisation Envirowise has published a new guide to help companies cut costs and carbon emissions across their supply chains.


The Supply Chain Partnership Toolkit is available free to business owners who register on the Envirowise website. Consisting of four CDs and written materials, it includes best practice advice on how to improve suppliers’ energy management, reduce water use, cut packaging costs, improve transport logistics and implement green procurement policies.

The toolkit also contains exercises and worksheets to help businesses run seminars with suppliers to apply and measure resource–efficiency programmes.

Envirowise said these practical tools could help businesses with extended supply chains of ten or more firms save more than £150,000 a year. Envirowise programme delivery leader Roger Papworth said:

“The key to working with your supply chain is communication and the toolkit gives businesses tools to help them work in partnership with suppliers, to improve environmental performance and cut costs,”.

Since launching its supply chain programme in 2002, Envirowise says it has helped save businesses more than £12.5 million, including an estimated £2.5 million in 2007.

Register for the Supply Chain Partnership Toolkit at the Envirowise website or call the Envirowise Advice Line on 0800 585794

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