Ditching Paper Payslips cuts Emissions

End of paper payslips

UK businesses could save 994 tonnes of CO2 every year by getting rid of paper payslips, according to a human–resources software provider.

End of paper payslips

Midland HR claimed that each paper payslip contributes 2.8 grammes (g) of CO2 to the UK’s total emissions, and switching to electronic payslips would save the CO2 equivalent of someone circumnavigating the globe 84 times.

Businesses would also save money, with each paper payslip costing between 50p and £1 to produce, according to the software firm’s calculation — although this would be offset by the cost of investing in electronic payslip software. Richard Thomas, director of product strategy at Midland HR said:

“If 10,000 10–man businesses made the move the impact would be huge. With small businesses environmental improvements are reached by a lot of businesses together making a difference, not each business thinking about the small difference they will make.”

He added that employees were becoming accustomed to shopping and banking online and would increasingly expect to be able to carry out work–related transactions — such as filling out holiday forms — online.

A Carbon Trust spokesperson declined to comment on the Midland HR campaign. However, the Carbon Trust has previously calculated that UK small businesses contribute 20% of the UK’s total carbon emissions — or approximately 110 million tonnes.

Carbon Trust research has also suggested that UK offices waste on average £6,000 each per year by not switching off electrical equipment during evenings and at weekends.

Calculate your firm’s carbon footprint and find out how to reduce your emissions at the Carbon Trust website

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