Free online workspace for networkers


An interactive networking website has been launched offering firms the ability to connect with each other and do business online.


Business owners can register for free to use Once signed up, they can advertise their services on the website, as well as use online file storage to upload reports and presentations, and hold online conferences and seminars. Co–creator of Talkbiznow, Martin Warner said:

“Most networking sites are just about connecting people, while we are about making quality connections and getting professionals to do business online. For us it’s about creating workgroups that can exchange information and communicate securely. It is free to join, unlike most online business networks.”

“We have a unique vision of linking business professionals to become more productive in their network by doing business online,” he continued. “We help business professionals become more productive by offering them the opportunity to expand and interact with their network.”

Registered firms can create an online identity containing all the details of their working life, including business information, previous positions and skills. Members can also create blogs and join specific community discussion groups.

The networking website integrates tools usually found on an internal IT system, such as email, instant messaging, document folders and calendar facilities, so that users can keep all their applications in one place.

“Talkbiznow is the first of its kind,” said Warner. “Xing is similar, but that is about connecting, whereas this is about offering services to enable people to do business online. It makes the time they spend networking online more productive.”

To register visit the Talkbiznow website

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