Business Leaders Welcome the Return of Mandy

Business Leaders Welcome the Return of Mandy

Gordon Brown’s latest cabinet reshuffle sees Peter Mandelson return to government.

The European Trade Commissioner has been recalled from his post in Brussels to take up the position of Business Secretary, a place vacated by John Hutton who becomes the new Defence Secretary.

The CBI, Engineering Employers Federation and the Federation of Small Business have all voiced their backing of the new business secretary in a move seen not merely to be a simple cabinet reshuffle but an attempt to handle the economic issues that are affecting the global economy.

Speaking with the BBC John Wright, chairman of the FSB, welcomed the appointment of Mr Mandelson, saying:

"This shock return is no surprise to us given Mr Mandelson’s previous tenure at the DTI and his current position as Britain’s European Commissioner for Trade.

Mr Mandelson’s experience will mean that he can do away with the probationary period and get straight into the business of dealing with the current credit crunch.

We will be seeking an early meeting with him in order to convey some very easy-to-implement measures to safeguard the future of small businesses during these difficult times."

Other quarters have not been so welcoming of the new appointment with spokesmen from both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats commenting that the step is a backwards one and highlights weakness in the current Government decision-making process.

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