Guide: Manage Remote Workers

Remote Workers

BT Business has published a free guide to help employers manage remote workers so they work productively and feel part of the team.

Remote Workers

According to their research, 47% of employees feel they will miss out on office camaraderie, gossip and banter by working remotely, while 23% of employees are concerned that colleagues will accuse them of skiving if they work from home.

The Remote Manager’s Toolkit includes guidance on how managers can overcome these issues, such as by building a trusting relationship with remote workers, helping a lone employee to overcome feelings of isolation, and making the transition into flexible working profitable. The author of the guide, Dr Frank Shaw of the Centre for Future Studies said:

“Remote working is the future of work in the UK, enabling cost savings, environmental benefits and greater work–life balance for employees,”

“While the technology is in place, the management skills are not,” added Shaw. “By drawing upon our expert panel, we’ve aimed to give managers all the practical advice and tools they need to make sure their business has the flexible edge.”

The toolkit suggests managers should:

  • measure an employee’s output rather than hours spent at their desk.
  • communicate openly and develop a trusting environment.
  • make the appropriate technologies available to employees to allow them to work effectively.
  • providing advice and training to remote workers to help them develop skills in organisation, self–motivation and decision–making.

To download The Remote Manager’s Toolkit, visit the BT website

For more information on managing remote and flexible workers, read our article on flexible working

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