Inquiry into Progression Pathways of Apprentices

Skills Commission - Apprentices

The Skills Commission has launched a major new inquiry to examine training and career progression routes for apprentices and whether the system is well-placed to meet our future skills needs.

Skills Commission - ApprenticesThe Commission’s inquiry is timely given the Government’s commitment to ensure that every suitably-qualified young person can obtain an apprentice place by 2013 with a clear target of 400,000 apprentices in learning by 2020.

And with this emphasis now being placed on the importance of expanding the number of apprentices, there is a real and growing need to ensure not only that people take up Apprenticeship places but that they progress through the system into Advanced Apprenticeships, Higher Education and on into careers.

The inquiry, to be chaired by Sir William Taylor and with support from the Edge Foundation, is now calling for evidence and requesting submissions from across the skills sector.

The Commission is inviting written evidence to be submitted by November 1st 2008, and in particular will be looking at:

  • Information Advice and Guidance and factors which influence people to undertake Apprenticeships;
  • how Apprenticeships fit alongside Diplomas;
  • progression from Apprenticeships into Advanced Apprenticeships and Higher Education
  • progression routes for apprentices into careers.

As well as receiving oral evidence from witnesses and written submissions, a series of sector case-studies will be carried out looking at Apprenticeship progression and the career paths of former apprentices.

The completed report of the inquiry is due to be published in early 2009.

Sir William Taylor said:

"There is now widespread recognition of the importance of encouraging more people to take up Apprenticeships as another path towards success. We need to ensure more people start Apprenticeships, receive appropriate education and training whilst pursuing them, and achieve their objectives. Such action is vital if apprentices as well as our economy are to be best placed to reach their full potential."

Anyone interested in submitting evidence to the inquiry, should contact or call 020 7202 8575

Visit for further information and updates as the inquiry progresses.

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