Firms focus sales online

Online Sales

Businesses should focus on online sales to capitalise on continued Internet spending, according to marketing specialist E–consultancy.

Online Sales

Their research found that while the economic slowdown has driven 64% of consumers to cut their overall spending, 56% will either increase their online spending or continue buying online at the same rate.

“As interest rates go up and inflation continues, people become more price–sensitive,” said E–consultancy editor Chris Lake.

“This drives them online where products tend to be cheaper.”

The E–consultancy survey is backed up by research from IMRG Capgemini’ s e–Retail Sales Index which found online spending in the UK increased by 11.3% between June and July this year, to a total market value of £4.8 billion – the equivalent of £79 for every person in the UK.

“If businesses want to capitalise, but don’t know about online marketing, they can find out about it – there is so much free information online,” said Lake. “People want a website to be easy to use, and to be able to click a few times and get to where they want to be.

“Businesses should know instinctively what they like and what they don’ t like about certain websites, so they should reflect that in their own websites,” he continued. “The more comfortable people are with going online, the more they spend online.”

According to Clive Miller, founder of sales and marketing consultancy Sales Sense, it does not have to be expensive for small firms to refocus their sales strategy online.

“Retail is only going one way – more and more shopping is done online. Online marketing can be quite complex, but there are some simple things firms can do to improve their visibility – look at search engine optimisation, develop an online conversation with the customer and ensure that they always have fresh web content.

“They can also transfer their offline sales strategy online – they are trying to give the same message, but through a different medium,” he added. “The thing to bear in mind is that the Internet is so much faster and so they need to get the same message into bite–sized pieces of information.”

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