Free Access to Public Sector Contract Opportunities

The Government has encouraged small firms to sign up to its website before 31 July, to take advantage of three months’ free access to public sector contract opportunities listed on the website.

Launched in June 2006, the website allows firms to search for public sector contracts worth under £100,000, receive daily email alerts matching them with business opportunities, and access guidance on public sector procurement. Businesses can carry out local contract searches for free, but are charged £180 to make nationwide searches.

However, SMEs which sign up to the website before 31 July will receive three months’ free access to approximately 3,000 public sector contracts across the UK. Once the free trial is over, the site will revert to free local area access.

“Small and medium–sized businesses need our support to expand,”

said Parliamentary Under–Secretary of State for Business and Competitiveness Shriti Vadera.

“Many smaller businesses are more innovative, have lower costs and present better value for taxpayers than larger firms.

Introducing Britain’s small firms to government procurement contracts online will provide opportunities to grow that they would not otherwise have found,” she added.

To access the website, visit or register here for a free trial.

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