Email Failure Causes Stress

Man screaming at computer

Unreliable email systems are causing ‘e–rage’ in three-quarters of workers, according to a new survey – and small businesses are particularly likely to suffer.

A survey of 1,500 employers and staff by Internet service provider Eclipse Internet found that one in five workers has resorted to physically attacking their computers in frustration when their workplace email account has failed to function properly.

“In many small businesses, email is set up and maintained by unqualified personnel,” said Eclipse Internet spokesperson Mark Thomas. “As a result, these companies are more susceptible to suffering the consequences of e–rage.”

Man screaming at computer

The National Computer Centre (NCC) said that better IT resourcing and management in small firms would reduce the possibility of downtime.

“Given the importance of digital communications for business, you must ensure you have business continuity by getting the right systems in place, and by employing professionals to undertake any configuration of IT equipment,” said Michael Dean, marketing manager for the NCC.

“Look at getting appropriate back–ups so that when it does go down you’ll be able to recover any data that was already in the system. Although you will still have some downtime due to technical failure, at least if you’ve got a back–up you won’t have lost any data, which will make things less stressful,” he added.

Business Link advises small-business owners to recognise their dependence on IT and devise an alternative plan in case of IT failure.

“Small businesses need to realise they have a dependency on IT which can lead to vulnerability – and they need to realise that IT is a tool to help achieve the end product, not the end product itself,” said Business Link adviser John Grange.

“Create a disaster plan and think about how your company can function if the computers do fail. As these tools become more ingrained in the business, it is up to management to have thought about a plan B in case they suddenly don’t have access to that tool.”

For more information on how to use IT in your business, visit the Business Link website

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