Business Owners Miss Out on Breaks

Holiday Survey For Small Businesses

Business owners and managers are risking stress and burnout because they are failing to take holidays this year due to tough economic conditions.

In a survey of businesses carried out by research organisation Continental Research, fewer than half of managers said they plan to be away from work for at least two weeks this year, and 12 per cent said they will have no time off at all. A spokesperson for Continental Research said:

Holiday Survey For Small Businesses

“We asked small–business bosses whether they anticipate taking a holiday this year and how long they were planning on being away. 28 per cent of them said they were spending a shorter time than normal away from work,”

“The big difference we found was between the response from bosses at small firms and the mid to large businesses; bosses at medium and large firms did not indicate that their holiday plans were going to be affected.”

However Julie Hurst, Director of the Work Life Balance Centre, believes that this attitude is misguided.

“People not taking a break is never a good idea. You need to refresh and recharge in order to be productive at work â?? and this includes coffee breaks during the day. During pressured times people understandably try to keep their efforts up, but one of the first skills we lose when stressed is perspective and the ability to look ahead. Losing these skills from your toolbox is not good for your business.”

Taking no break at all risks making the situation worse, because your ability to work suffers. If someone decides not to take a break, we would say that they’ve already lost their perspective.”

The data gathered by the survey also reveals that just three per cent of small business owners expect their turnover to increase in the coming year, compared to 39 per cent during the same period last year.

As a result of this drop in confidence, small business bosses who are taking a holiday are more likely to stay in touch with work than those from larger firms. More SME leaders also plan less spending on their holiday (42 per cent) compared to only 28 per cent from large businesses.

The Work Life Balance Centre offers a free work life balance guide.

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