Achieving Job Satisfaction

6 million workers experience daily low points but there is a solution

The Vodafone Group FoundationWe all crave job satisfaction but what does this really mean? Average job satisfaction levels in the UK stand at 63% suggesting there’s a lot of room for improvement. This is without taking into account the 6 million of us who have daily down points at work.

The latest research conducted by The Vodafone Group Foundation suggests that the self-employed and those who work outdoors are generally happier than deskbound employees.

So what are the solutions? Unsurprisingly 40% of respondents said a pay rise would boost their morale?? but a simple thank you from the boss was the next most frequent response. There is a general desire among the workforce to be given increased responsibility as well as longer holidays and more frequent recognition from colleagues of a job well done. The secret to making people happy at work is by no means simple and it is not all about shallow employee self-interest.

41% feel there is more to life than what they are doing now and many of these admit that taking a break from work to pursue other interests or offer their time to charity would boost their job and life satisfaction.

For the vast majority of the working population making sure the bills are paid precludes any serious thoughts of an enlightened career change. However, The Vodafone Group Foundation’s World of Difference programme gives four lucky people the chance to put their job on hold for a year whilst earning up to £25k working for a charity of their choice. Are you feeling lucky? Apply today…

Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton recently spent a day making a world of difference to her favourite charity A National Voice. She said:

“I feel really passionate about helping children and young people who are in the care system. I support A National Voice as it aims to make positive changes to the Care System in the UK and gives a voice to those being cared for. The World of Difference project gives people the opportunity to work with their own favourite charity – I’ve seen first hand what a difference an extra pair of hands can make.”

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Achieving Job Satisfaction

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