Webchat – Starting from Scratch


Global entrepreneur Sue Ismiel offers astute advice to self–starters

Chat date: Tuesday 8th July Chat time: 3.45pm

Shows such as ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’ have spawned a generation of self-starters all intent on bringing the next big idea to an ever–growing consumer market. But just how easy is it to set up your own business and how do you go about transforming your ideas into a money–making empire?


To answer these questions we are hosting a webchat with Sue Ismiel who is CEO of Waxing Empire NADS. Sue started her business from scratch in her own kitchen developing natural waxing alternatives for women. From those rather flimsy foundations her business has grown into a global operation and is continually pushing the innovative boundaries of beauty.

Sue is dropping into the studio to explain how her idea came about and what it took to turn her creativity into cash. She will also be explaining the common barriers to setting up businesses and how to work around any issues you may currently be facing in turning your business dreams into a reality.

Sue Ismiel CEO of Waxing Empire NADS joins Vicky Letch in the studio at webchats on Tuesday July 8th at 3.45pm to discuss business acumen for beginners.

For more information visit www.nads.com

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