Carbon Trust Standard Enables SMEs to Show Green Credentials

Carbon Trust StandardBusinesses can demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon emissions, using an independent and credible means, following the launch of a new ‘green’ Standard by the Carbon Trust.

Firms will only qualify for the Standard if they have reduced their carbon footprint over a continued period and intend to reduce it further. They will not be able to achieve the standard just by offsetting their emissions.

To achieve the Standard, small businesses will need to present historic data from the past year or two years, depending on their size. The Carbon Trust Standard is the first of its kind that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint and make real reductions year-on-year.

“What businesses and consumers share is a desire for one, credible way to prove an organisation has not only measured, but actually reduced their carbon emissions year-on-year without the use of offsetting,” said Carbon Trust chief executive Tom Delay.

“Achieving the Carbon Trust Standard will enable organisations to take advantage of the bottom-line benefits that come from reducing carbon emissions,” he added. “It will also help brands stand out from the crowd as research shows that consumers and business decision-makers will choose an organisation with an award like the Carbon Trust Standard over another of similar price and quality.”

For businesses that spend less than £50,000 per year on energy, certification will cost £1,000, which also covers the cost of site visits from the assessor.

For more information on how to obtain the Carbon Trust Standard, visit the Carbon Trust Standard website

Carbon Trust Standard Enables SMEs to Show Green Credentials

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