Free Web Tool helps SMEs Protect Against Tough Trading Conditions

Small businesses can check how resilient they are to the effects of the economic downturn, following the launch of a free online tool by technology firm PI Consulting.

Business–owners who use the Self Assessment Business Diagnostic tool complete a five–minute online questionnaire which examines how their business is performing in five key business areas.

Business areas include strategy and direction, financial controls and use of management information, strength of customers and markets, operations and supply chain, and employee engagement and motivation.

Firms which receive a very low score are deemed as poorly prepared for the economic downturn, while any business with a high score is well prepared.

“Economic downturn is a serious threat to businesses,” said PI Consulting managing director Vincent Bryant. “But right now there is a huge opportunity to identify weaknesses and fix them – just in case things get tougher.”

“The Self Assessment Business Diagnostic tool is there for business leaders to assess their strength in five key business areas, highlighting hidden problems and prioritising the areas they must develop to avoid serious setbacks,” he added.

“During testing of the tool we found that even businesses that score highly in the diagnostic discover weak areas within their operations of which they weren’t aware. This kind of specific information is invaluable to avoid setbacks and maintain a competitive edge.”

To access the diagnostic tool visit the PI Consulting website

Free Web Tool helps SMEs Protect Against Tough Trading Conditions

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