CIPD Urges Employers to Use Web 2.0 to Attract Recruits

More employers should take advantage of the recruitment opportunities presented by web 2.0, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), writes Kate Horstead.

The CIPD research found that just one in five businesses use second generation Internet technology, so-called web 2.0, to help them hire staff. Web 2.0 includes tools such as social networking, blogging, podcasts and online audio-visual material.

However, the survey also revealed that 56 per cent of employers believe social networking websites are useful for engaging potential jobseekers.

“Web 2.0 technology provides an opportunity to bring the employer brand to life and allow potential employees to experience what it is like to work within the organisation,” said CIPD organisation and resourcing adviser Deborah Fernon.

Principal consultant at IT consultancy Puffbox, Simon Dickson, agreed that web 2.0 can be beneficial to employers wishing to attract staff.

“Web 2.0 puts a face on an organisation,” he said. “People want that personal touch, and they want dialogue. It makes sense to be transparent and open, and this is as good a way to do that.”

“The technology enables firms to express their personality, talk in a natural voice, and do it quickly and easily without some big IT process,” added Dickson.

However, the CIPD research also highlighted that almost a third of employers are concerned that damaging comments may be posted about their organisation if they open it up to web 2.0.

Fernon also warned that employers who use social networking to vet candidates should be careful how they use the information.

“In the quest to find the right person for a job, social networking sites could be at best irrelevant and at worst misleading,” she said.

“All candidates would have to have similar profiles before information is used, and this poses challenges as not everyone has a social networking profile.” added Fernon.

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