Beating Boredom in the Boardroom

Roger von Oech

Roger von OechCreativity expert Roger von Oech offers advice on engaging & getting the most out of your team in meetings.

Chat date: Monday 16th June

Chat time: 2pm

When discussing the big business issues with your employees or clients it is vitally important to make sure they are 100% engaged all the way through the meeting. The problem is, the boardroom isn’t always the most inspiring place and, understandably, meeting attendees can spend more time drifting to distraction than offering their contribution. Indeed, in research conducted by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts, 83% of respondents say they only pay attention to the first half of the meeting.

More than 1 in 10 Brits admit that they have fallen asleep during a tedious meeting and more than a third frequently catch themselves on the brink of dropping off.

Join creative expert Roger von Oech who has designed innovative business tools to help solve those common meeting problems that everyone experiences such as loss of concentration and inability to meet the meeting’s objectives. Roger has written several books on creativity and is going to be sharing his secrets on how to stimulate others, no matter how long the meeting over-runs, in our live webchat.

Roger von Oech joins us live online to talk about his new innovation in a live webchat on Monday 16th June at 2pm to discuss creative meetings. You can follow the link to submit questions before the chat.

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