Alan Sugar Picks New Apprentice

Lee McQueen - The Apprentice

After 11 weeks of hearing "You’re Fired!" last night Sir Alan Sugar chose his fourth protegé from The Apprentice.

Lee McQueen - The ApprenticeAnd, surprising as it may seem, Alan Sugar’s pick from The Apprentice is recuitment manager Lee McQueen who only last week was caught for lying (and rather badly too) on his CV.

Giving up his £78,000 salary from last year, Lee becomes Sir Alan’s new apprentice on £100,000 a year after he heard the words "You’re Hired!"

After being tasked to create a men’s fragrance against fellow hopefuls Alex Wotherspoon, Claire Young and Helen Speight, Lee’s pitch was deemed the most convincing by tycoon Sir Alan Sugar.

Lee McQueen will probably never need to lie on his CV again and nows plans a quick holiday in South Africa, buying his wife a new pair of shoes and getting the heating in his mum’s flat fixed before hiring himself a Porche and heading Sir Alan’s new venture in a "digital advertising product".

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